Luxury Fruits Range

A perfect snack for your family and friends with the goodness of fruits mixed with taste of Indian spices. It is fruit chaat but in dried form. Open up this pandora box of yummy delights and enjoy a great time with your friends, family and an abundance of taste.

Almonds Range

Nothing can beat the feel and taste of age-old favourites. Rich in Vitamin E, full of dietary fibre and enhanced with the crazy flavours, our range of Almonds truly taste like home. Touched by innovation and preserved in its authenticity - A treat you cannot miss.

Cashews Range

Cashews are loved by one and all equally, they instantly bring a taste of nostalgia to any dish and are a favourite snack of people of all age groups. Bring home the goodness of cashews with the rich flavours of Atrum Shutrum and make your day.

Desi Beverages

Do you want an electrifying drink to perk up your day? We have the just the thing for you. Introducing a range of spicy, tangy and refreshing drinks made to leave a lasting impact on your taste buds. Give your day a flavourful makeover with our selection of Desi Beverages.

Seeds & Trails

What can be better than munching on Seeds and Trails? Its healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and helps boost your immunity. No Idea, how about munching on seeds and trails with flavours that will blow your mind? Truly, Health has never been so delicious before.

Halwa & Petha

The classic Indian Delight is now available at your fingertips. Made with pure ingredients, desi recipe and lots of love, it will be a star of your dining table. Bring home our ready to eat, selection of delicious Halwas. A must-try item from Atrum Shutrum.


High on desi tadka, we are sure this one will become a family favourite. Made with all the right ingredients, out of the box flavours and roasted to perfection. One bite into this crunchy delight and you will not stop. With our Peanuts, the party is always on.

Cookie Drops

A go-to snack for those days when you want to munch on some goodness. Our cookie drops are unique, buttery and delicious. We bet that you would not be satisfied with just one bite. A favourite amongst kids and an ideal snacking option for any time of the day.

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